"dig this" CD

An Anthology of Music from 1986-2001. Featuring 5 unreleased tracks of Maggie Mayall & The Cadillacs, a bonus radio interview, 7 more previously unreleased tracks, and a track from The Housewives. You can hear clips of some of the tracks on the "Music" page.

"dig this" Track Listing

1.      Watch Your Step 3:23 (Parker)
2.      Coupe de Ville Baby 5:25 (V.Green)
3.      Road Runner 4:27 (Holland/Dozier)
4.      KCRW (Santa Monica)Interview 2:52
5.      Work On You 3:43 (M. Mayall)
6.      Don’t Go To Sleep On Me 3:58 (Baker/Brooks)
7.      Superman Man (2:38) (M.Mayall/McDaniel/Smith))
8.      That’s What Love Is 3:49 (M.Mayall/Jordan)
9.      Good Rockin’ Daddy 5:04 (Berry/Josea)
10.    Just A Little Bit 2:29 (Gordon)
11.    Lie To Me 6:03 (Benton/Singleton)
12.    Bad For Me 3:47 (M.Mayall/McDaniel)
13.    I’ve Been Defrosting All Day 3:09 (Juber/M.Mayall)
14.    You’re Lucky To Me 2:48 (Blake/Razaf)

I designed the CD package--I hope you'll find it entertaining, along with the music!

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